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Visual Mixtape Winner Announced

Download Elwira Banki's winning album artwork from the Visual Mixtape challenge, complete with the playlist that inspired it here.

7 Sep 2011

Ramón A. Olivares

Ramon A. Olivares was the main winner of our Battle of the Cities: USA challenge. Part of his prize was to have his work made into advertising in the metropolis that inspired it - New York City. The work has recently gone up and is making the streets of The Big Apple that bit more beautiful.

We spoke to him about creativity and his HUGO Create experience.

HUGO Create: Can you tell us about your history in graphic design, art and creativity?


1 Sep 2011

Florentijn Hofman

HUGO Create is up on pretty much all forms of urban art – everything from stencil art to Caligraffiti via temporal city-scaping. But we saw a form of urban art recently that’s like nothing we’ve seen before.


25 Aug 2011

Coming soon - HUGO Create – The Game

As you might have known from our teaser we’re almost ready to start a new challenge. And this time we’re going for something a little different. 

With the Berlin Stencil Art challenge we tried to mix things up. We explored and immersed ourselves in a niche, progressive form of art. Now we aim to explore the most progressive field in which we can be creative – within the world of technology.


16 Aug 2011

Peter Root

An urban artist HUGO Create has recently become acquainted with is Peter Root. Never one to adhere to a conventional creative process, Peter’s work often consists of unexpected ideas forming beautiful and thought-provoking works.

His work Low-Rise (pictured above), illustrates Peter's artistic style. Made entirely out of staples, this precarious work forms a city-like mosaic. And like a city, the staples are subject to the elements. The slightest breath or vibration could cause a domino effect.


10 Aug 2011

Oliver Thornton

The groundbreaking film that accompanies the release of HUGO Just Different isn’t like other films you’ll see any time soon. It’s cutting-edge and technologically unique.

So it stands to reason that the production of the experience was different too. We were curious how that affected Oliver Thornton, an actor and creative in the film. 


4 Aug 2011

Creative Habitat - Winners

At the beginning of July we opened a Mini-Challenge. Having seen your beautiful work in our past creative challenges, we wanted to examine the places your work is inspired by and created in.


1 Aug 2011


Are you a fan of the hottest behind-the-scenes fashion and music coverage? If so, there’s a new one-stop shop for lifestyle matters for you, curated by HUGO.

There are two main bloggers. Miss HUGO BOSS has all the inside info on fashion, and HUGO Tracks offers expert knowledge handpicked downloads for your pleasure. 

And right now we have a guest blogger team adding specialist insights to the platform. Swedish newcomers Little Dragon have been reporting live from gigs and introducing their musical friends to the site.


29 Jul 2011

The big i-Dea

In June we invited five members of the HUGO Create community to join us in Berlin to paint their winning artworks next to legendary stencil artist Blek Le Rat.

We invited our friends from i–D magazine along as well to soak up the creativity. While they were there they took the chance to delve into the mind of Blek Le Rat.

They chatted about his career, the movement of stencil art, and his involvement in the HUGO Create Stencil Art challenge.


27 Jul 2011

Last call for entries – Creative Habitat

Today is the last day you can enter the Creative Habitat mini-challenge. Send us your photos of the place you generate your most stylish work by to be in with a chance of winning one of three bottles of the new HUGO Just Different fragrance.

We’ve had an inspiring variety of images sent in so far. Whether you work in an atelier decorated with sophisticated artistic tools, or a super-sharp office desk, we’ve enjoyed seeing the varying habitats the creative community work in.


21 Jul 2011

A groundbreaking film by HUGO Just Different

We are excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking new interactive film from HUGO Just Different. The film, uses cutting-edge technology to create a brand new digital YouTube experience. 



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